"When there is a will, there is a way!"

My commitment and my desire as a pilgrim is, promote pilgrimages through alternative ways to roads, giving priority to the safety and well-being of pilgrims.
As a pedestrian training coach, publicize the activity as an outdoor practice that promotes the leisure and health of practitioners, stimulating a conscious and responsible contact with Nature.
As a pilgrims guide, when asked for collaboration, accompany and guide pilgrimages. Occasionally, collaborate in the organization and logistics of pilgrimages through the ways of Fatima or Santiago.

In May I was in the Sanctuary, with a group of five brave pilgrims, together we made the “Caminho do Tejo” (Way of the Tejo), and had the privilege of attending the celebrations of the Centenary of the First Apparition, with the Holy Father, Pope Francisco and the Canonization of the little shepherds, Jacinta and Francisco.

In June, for the celebrations of the Centenary of the Second Apparition, the pilgrimage, this time alone, was Coimbra-Fatima in the “Caminho do Norte” (Northern Way).

In July, for the celebrations of the Centenary of the Third Apparition, I walked the “Caminho Poente” (Sunset Way), connecting the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Nazaré to the Cova de Iria, with two brothers pilgrims.

In August, I was privileged to accompany a very heterogeneous group of 11 courageous pilgrims, who, despite the high temperatures, traveled the Caminho Nascente (Rising Way), linking Tomar to Aljustrel, passing through the Valinhos (place of the 4th apparition on August 19, 1917). Ending the pilgrimage in the Cova da Iria in the Sanctuary, next to the Centenary Arch.

In September I was allowed to have the happiness of being able to accompany my mother to the MOTHER.
From the Cathedral of Santarém to the Sanctuary of Fátima, traveling the final 58 km of the Way of the Tejo.
Quietly, enjoying every Km and every second.

In October with the help of NSRF I will cover the remaining 226 km of the project, linking the Port to Fatima.
In total there will be 27 days in pilgrimage, traveling 604 km, Ways of the Tejo, North, East and West.
It is intended to promote the pilgrimage routes through the fields and to promote and support the Humanities Association to whom one euro will be delivered for each Km traveled.

In this year of so special pilgrimages, the Project "Six Apparitions, Six Pilgrimages" will deliver one euro for each Km traveled to the Humanities Association (http://www.humanus.pt/ ).
In the year of Fatima. In the year of the Mother, it makes even more sense to support this cause.
This Association helps, cares for, touches and transforms the lives of many women. Girls who are forced to grow up quickly to be young mothers, often without family support.
An Association that helps so much, deserves to be helped.
In the year of the Mother, it is important to collaborate, to divulge and to ask solidary contributions for the work developed by the Humanities Association (http://www.humanus.pt/).
Go to the Association website, check for yourselves the amazing work they do, contribute if you can, in whatever way you can.
The Project "Six Apparitions, Six Pilgrimages" will deliver 604 Euros, one euro for each KM, a small but sincere contribution.
Identify the contribution with the acronym NSRF (Our Lady of the Rosary of Fatima) only so that the young mothers can realize that the help is from Mother to Mother.

Founded in 2010, the Association of Friends of the ways of Fatima is a non-profit organization whose mission is to recover, signal, preserve, promote and publicize the paths to the Sanctuary of Fatima and Santiago de Compostela.


"Donation Delivery"

 The project "Six Apparitions, Six Pilgrimages", delivered today (May 3) a donation to the Humanities Association in the amount of 142 € corresponding to 1 Euro for each KM to travel in the "Caminho do Tejo" (Way of the Tejo), during the May pilgrimage, the first of the six Pilgrimages of the Centenary.

We hope to be able to deliver up to the end of the project, plus € 462, corresponding to the five pilgrimages still to be carried out.

Symbolic help, in the year of Mary, in the year of the Mother, to an Association that does a remarkable job and that helps so many young Mothers.