The project "Six Apparitions, Six Pilgrimages", delivered today (May 3) a donation to the Humanities Association in the amount of 142 € corresponding to 1 Euro for each KM to travel in the Way of the Tejos, during the May pilgrimage, the first of the six Pilgrimages of the Centenary.
We hope to be able to deliver up to the end of the project, plus € 462, corresponding to the five pilgrimages still to be carried out.
Symbolic help, in the year of Mary, in the year of the Mother, to an Association that does a remarkable job and that helps so many young Moms.
After the visit, training and photo in Km 0 of the Way of the Tejo, with Mário and the group of of valiant pilgrims, Daniela, Maria, Paula, Maria (lacking Carla) who joined the project, contributing in this generous manner with Association Humanities.