"Six Apparitions, Six Pilgrimages" - Video recorded during the pilgrimage of July, Nazaré-Fatima, which intends to promote the Sunset Way.

"Six Apparitions, Six Pilgrimages" - Video recorded during the June pilgrimage, Coimbra-Fatima, which aims to promote the North Way.


 WorkShop: Pilgrimage in safety
With the approach of May, month by tradition of pilgrimages on foot, this is an undoubtedly current theme. The information and tips provided in the session are still useful for any other form of walking.
The session will briefly address the following topics:
• Walk vs. Pilgrimage • Road vs. Path (s)
• Equipment • Clothing and footwear
• Backpack • GPS
• Food • Health
• Foot care • Effort management
• Ecological footprint • Pilgrim credential
• Accommodation • Group pilgrimage
This year, we will also talk about the preparations of the different entities for the celebrations of the Centenary and the pilgrimage of his holiness, Pope Francisco.