Mário Amorim Pilgrim and Guide of pilgrims on foot.

Courses / Accreditations:

Associação de Amigos dos Caminhos de Fátima (Association of Friends of the Ways of Fatima):
Pilgrim, Way Marker, Pilgrim's Guide with the Nº148

Movement of the Message of Fatima (Sanctuary of Fatima):
Pilgrim's Guide with the Nº197

Federation of Camping and Mountaineering of Portugal - Training Center:
Pedestrian Training Coach - Grade I (Trainee)
Sports License Nº 422439

Portuguese Red Cross
Proximity First Aid Technician with Nº 9/1033/TSP/2015

Institute of Employment and Vocational Training:
Trainer with Certificate NºEDF 554327/2010 DL


As a pilgrim, promote pilgrimages through alternative ways to roads, giving priority to the safety and well-being of pilgrims.
As a pedestrian training coach, publicize the activity as an outdoor practice that promotes the leisure and health of practitioners, stimulating a conscious and responsible contact with Nature.
As a pilgrims guide, when asked for collaboration, accompany and guide pilgrimages. Occasionally, collaborate in the organization and logistics of pilgrimages through the ways of Fatima or Santiago.