The desire, the "will" and the commitment, of the project “Six Apparitions Six Pilgrimages” is to realize by the Paths of Fatima, Six Pilgrimages, coinciding with the centenary of the Six apparitions of Our Lady of the Rosary of Fatima.

The project "Six Apparitions, Six Pilgrimages" results from the dream of the pilgrim and guide of pilgrims Mário Amorim, to merge into a single project the experience that results, naturally, from previous pilgrimages, to the Internship of Pedestrian Training Coach, referring to the course of Trainers of Degree I in the modality of Hiking, organized for the first time in 2016, by the Federation of Camping and Mountaineering of Portugal (FCMP).

The proposal is to make 6 (six) pilgrimages, coinciding with the dates of the apparitions, in a total of 27 days in pilgrimage, from May to October, 604 km of autonomy hiking, through the different ways of Fatima (Tejo, North, Rising and Sunset).

The project also includes a solidarity and social component, aiming to disseminate and collect contributions to the work carried out by the “Associação Humanidades”, in particular its mission oriented to the Woman, young person and Mother.
Publicize the effort of the “Associação de Amigos dos Caminhos de Fátima”, in the recovery, conservation, signaling and dissemination of the ways of the Tejo, North, Rising and Sunset.

This initiative also intends to promote pilgrimages through alternative ways to the roads, giving priority to the safety and well-being of thousands of pilgrims and promoting hiking as an open-air practice that promotes the leisure and health of practitioners, stimulating contact Conscious and responsible with Nature.