"Six Apparitions, Six Pilgrimages"
Way of the Tejo, Lisbon-Fatima, May 2017

Post -After arrival - -

The pilgrimage of the Centenary will be unforgettable for many reasons!
With a group of five valiant pilgrims, we made the Way of the Tejo together, and had the privilege of attending the celebrations of the Centenary of the First Apparition, with the Holy Father, Pope Francisco and the Canonization of the Little Shepherds, Jacinta and Francisco.

Each of us has seen its limits tested ... its fears ... there!
Each of us faced fears and overcame limits, simply moving on, quietly, in peace, without fear, confident, with faith!
With the faith of those who little by little know the walker that we are, the way of life itself, with the faith of each one ... different in each one of us.
In common is the will to arrive, to experience an unrepeatable moment, in a spiritually unique place!
We were asked for physical resilience, courage, patience, memory, humility, compassion, friendship, generosity, trust, gratitude, unity, faith.
We gave and received. We received so much more than we gave!!
After almost a month, about to return to the Way, here is a small photographic selection of the first of the "Six Apparitions, Six Pilgrimages".
Thank you very much Maria, Paula, Carla, Daniela and Maria, for allowing me to make the Way by your side.