Sunset way_ July17
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"Six Apparitions, Six Pilgrimages"
The Sunset way, Nazareth-Fatima, July17
Third, of the six pilgrimages of this year's project, this time for the celebrations of the Centenary of the July Apparition.
Little Pilgrimage, of little more than 50 kilometers, dedicated to the small things of life ...

Sunset way, connecting the city of Nazaré to the Sanctuary of Fatima (52km). Way marked, georeferenced and opened in August 2016 by the Association of Friends of the ways of Fatima. This is probably the hardest and most beautiful path of the four pilgrim paths marked by the fields towards Fatima.

Post 1 - Day 1
"Six Apparitions, Six Pilgrimages"
The Sunset way, Nazareth-Fatima, Day 1
Pilgrimage dedicated to the little things in life ... that make all the difference, when we value them.
Today's little thing ... friendship. Thank you friends!
First day, 14 km to connect Nazaré to Cóz, almost always by forest road, with lots of sand.
This Path is very special. It connects two unique Sanctuaries. The worship of N.S. of Nazaré on the “Sitio” is as old as Portugal and so relevant that many Kings visited it, even causing the village, down by the sea, to change its name to Nazaré.
The image that has been worshiped since Sec. VIII represents Mary of Nazareth breastfeeding Jesus and, according to legend, was sculpted by Joseph himself.
Another curiosity for my Brazilian friends who worship N.S. Aparecida. This image is also a representation of Our Lady of black color.

Post 2 - Day 2
"Six Apparitions, Six Pilgrimages"
The Sunset way, Nazaré-Fatima, day 2
Second day, 20 km, connecting Cóz to Livramento (Porto de Mós). Very hot day, even starting to walk at 06:00, with the climb of the “Pedreiras” to leave small marks.
Today, the little thing of life, which can make all the difference when valued, is kindness.
Those who have already pilgrimaged, I am sure, already felt the genuine goodness of those who offer what they have, and the joy of those who receive and the joy of those who give.
Today, they offered us some delicious pears just when we needed them.
"The pilgrim does not ask, the pilgrim thanks."
I have to mention other examples of pure goodness. Association Humanities (Associação Humanidades) welcomes young, women, mothers, at a time of their life, that all help is little. In the year of the NSRF, in the year of the mother, to remember this extraordinary Association and to call for help is mandatory.
The Association of Friends of the Ways of Fatima (Associação de Amigos dos Caminhos de Fátima) and its incredible work in the marking, preservation and dissemination of the ways, is a precious altruism and deserving of support.
Giving is even greater happiness than receiving!

Post_3 - Day 3 - After arrival
“Six Apparitions, Six Pilgrimages”
Sunset Way, Nazaré-Fatima, day 3
Third day, 20 km to connect Livramento to the Sanctuary of Fatima.
New start at 6am to walk as much as possible before the heat comes in force. The way continues to climb for another couple of hours, but the beauty of nature around us makes everything easier.
Today, the little thing in life that can make all the difference when valued is laughter.
Be the friendly smile, the laughter of amusement, the laughter of joy for the success of family and friends, the laughter impossible to contain for the goal achieved, or the spontaneous laughter that results from a joke ... Laughter is good for the soul!
Thank you all for the support.
Thank you to everyone who makes me smile, giggle and laugh!

Bom Caminho!